Life for a Child

Our preferred charity for the 2012 Summit in Singapore is  ‘Life for a Child’, an International Diabetes Federation programme.

The vision of the programme is that  ‘No child should die of diabetes’.

'Life for a Child' supports the provision of the best possible healthcare, given local circumstances, to all young people with diabetes in developing countries, through the strengthening of paediatric diabetes services in these countries.

'Life for a Child' relies on donation of insulin and other associated products and services, and undertakes to distribute these to the most needy children in the world. In this context, supply chains play a big role in the overall programme.

See the short video clips about this programme, also, and don’t hesitate to offer your support. We will be donating some of the surplus from this Summit for this purpose.

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Find out about our diabetes champions such as Dr. Marguerite de Clerck in the Democratic Republic of Congo.