John Gattorna

Dr John Gattorna is at the forefront of supply chain ‘thought leadership in the world today. He has made it his passion in life to stay at the cutting edge, and the result is there for all to see and share- his last three books, the most recent being Dynamic  Supply Chains; delivering value through people, FT Prentice Hall, Harlow, 2010.

This book, and the research that underpins it, for the first time offers a  way of dealing with the ‘new normal’ operating environment, which is characterized by volatility, and yet more volatility.

John’s work has taken on a ‘whole-of-business’ feel and scope because he steadfastly believes that you can only transform enterprise supply chains if you transform the enterprise itself, hence his multi-disciplinary approach to supply chain design.

Apart for researching consulting and teaching, John likes to share his best thinking with peers and business associates around the world, and this is why he organises these pivotal summit events every two years or so- bringing the very best supply chain academics and practitioners together for a talk fest lasting  three days. The topics to be debated and discussed will excite you, and so will the delegate list that reads like the ‘Who’s Who’ of  supply chain royalty. Everyone who attends is invited. The next summit is to be held in Singapore, 13-15 June, 2012.

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A word from the Summit Director

The 2012 Summit in Singapore promises to be the best in the series of biennial events to date. We have given a lot of thought to the issues that are on the Agenda for debate, and even more thought to who should be invited to participate in  these important conversations. The world has changed significantly in the last few years, and we need the best minds on the job.

In the end we have gathered together  50 panellists and individual speakers who are the ‘best-of-the-best’. And why not? We want this to be the  best forum for business and supply chain ‘thought leaders’ in the world, during 2012. Afterall, businesses are nothing less than an accumulation of the enterprise supply chains that run through them.

I look forward to meeting you all personally at the Summit in Singapore on 13 June, 2012, and ensuring that you all leave with a fountain of new ideas to confront the operating environments in which you operate. We must adopt a ‘community approach’, learn from each other, and subsequently ‘learn by doing’. This is what the 2012 Summit is all about. Along the way I am sure you will all enjoy the experience of visiting the  iconic City State of Singapore, which is a modern marvel in itself.

Kind regards,
Dr John Gattorna,
2012 Summit Director