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Day 1 - Welcome and Opening Address

Teo Ser Luck, Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Singapore – Guest of Honour

Panel 1: Design thinking in enterprise supply chains.

Design thinking applied in the context of supply chains brings a new and creative edge to designing supply chains, and sees them as innovative and human-centred social networks - a far cry from the conventional mechanistic approach adopted by many contemporary enterprises. And that is the problem we seek to overcome.

Panel 2: Transformation.

Many have tried but few have succeeded. Transforming enterprise supply chains means transforming the entire enterprise. This clearly has major implications for the leadership of the enterprise, and its ability to shape the necessary subcultures to ensure successful execution of intended strategy.

Panel 3: The ‘new normal’ operating environment.

Volatility and extreme disruption characterize the ‘new normal’ operating environment for most 21st century enterprises. But how do we manage the associated risk in the face of these new market realities? The way you answer this question will largely determine the difference between commercial success or failure.

Panel 4: Innovation in all its forms.

There is a ‘leap-frogging’ effect evident in the way Indo-Asian enterprise supply chains are developing. The combination of low-cost capabilities and innovative thinking is a ‘category killer’ which is alive and well in China today, and likely to move to other Asian countries and India in the years ahead.

Logistics Executive Recruitment Dinner

Michael Belfiore, Journalist focusing on innovation and author Department of Mad Scientists.

Panel 5: Influential women driving global supply chains.

Women are increasingly playing pivotal leadership roles in private, and public enterprises and the armed forces, at a global level. This panel is comprised of women who have all achieved great success in their careers in the supply chain field, and in the process, demonstrated exceptional leadership. The objective of this session is to share their experiences and challenges along their respective journeys to where they are today, and take a look at what lies ahead.

Panel 6: Alignment.

Learnings from enterprises that have applied ‘dynamic alignment’ thinking to their respective businesses, across an array of institutional types, industries, and geographies. What tangible difference has this new business model really made?

Panel 7: New business models and organization designs for enterprise supply chains.

What have the various business models and organizations tried to date, and how have they lifted operational and financial performance? Is the effort to transform worth the reward?

SSI-Schaefer Gala Dinner

Paul Gilding, international ‘thought leader' and advocate of sustainability, and author of The Great Disruption; How the Climate Crisis Will Transform the Global Economy with special after-dinner guest speaker and exclusively Australian wines from Prancing Horse Estate and Carlei Wines.

Panel 8: Leaders’ Forum – CEO perspectives on enterprise supply chains.

A chance to hear what visionary leaders of some of our best known global companies think about the role of their corporate supply chains in driving commercial success.

Panel 9: Decision support in supply chains.

What are the latest ideas in Decision Support Systems (DSS) designed to underpin the new array of 'dynamic' supply chains? This panel will explore everything from ERP systems, through multiple applications, to 'cloud' computing, in an effort to discover what works, and when.

Panel 10: Health care networks in the future.

What is the ‘upside’ of applying proven supply chain principles and practices to Area Healthcare networks, in developing and developed nations. What we want to see is lower cost-to-serve and improved service to consumers. Are these apparently conflicting objectives achievable, and if so, how?

Open Forum and Summary

Open Forum and Summary - Dr John Gattorna and Bill Marrin SC50.